Saturday, August 9, 2014

My bags filled with...Happy Mail!

I am doing The Documented Life Project (DLP). Within this group we are sending Happy Mail (HM). I picked 22 people from the list to receive my HM. Here is the contents of the envelope's.

Here are the envelopes with tissue paper and gelli prints.

Here are the painted and sprayed fronts complete with doodles.

Here are the first two HM packages I received on the same day. Wow! Look at all these goodies I can use in my DLP!

Here goes my HM to the post office.

Soon after I sent these I received another HM, Yay! It is so fun getting this beautifully colored mail!

Hearts and flowers!

 Then another...I wonder what the mail carrier thinks?

I love this envelope! And the contents were super amazing! A handmade mini book, sewn tags and painted goodies. Iv;e gotten a few now with little bags or envelopes so cute!

 I got so many that I made a box for all of the wonderful Happy Mail.

I was inspired by one HM who sent a drawing of a woman on book paper. So I got out my altered book  and started drawing.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The second week of SOC 4. Coral and Teal with a smudge, smash or pop of bright white.

These colors were a challenge for me.
Luckily I had a gelli print that had these dark colors. I used my Pentel pens over top of the acrylic gelli print. The pen took a while to dry so I was able to rub it and blend it in places and this owl popped up. I was a bit inspired by Juliette Crane after looking at her owls.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer of Color 4

has had The Summer of Color (SOC) challenge for the last 4 years.
I joined last year's and really enjoyed the challenges. They kept me busy, creating fun different pieces of art in the colors chosen in the challenge. I joined in every weeks challenge last year in order to win some great supplies in the colors used and to get some creativity out. I didn't win last year.This year even before SOC  started I won the very first random drawing! I was so excited to win because I never win these blog things. Here is what I won...

These acrylic pens are very cool! The ones in the package are fine point but the ones in the mug with Kristin's cool art, are wide and super fun to use. I can't wait to play around with them some more. I used my Pentel and Sakura pens as well as colored pencil on this weeks challenge.

 SOC 4 came and went for me. Every week I was looking forward to the new colors and making art. But life got in the way with babies, tween's and housework there was little time for doing art. So here I am posting weeks after. 

I loved making these! Zentangle mandala fun.
This one reminds me of the sea...

The colors for this challenge guessed it!
 Aqua blue, yellow and a smudge, splash or pop of hot pink.

This one reminds me of a carousel.

Here they are as I drew them together on the paper.

I'm linking up to SOC 4 if you want to see the other entrees. 

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's on your easel?

I have been drawing women's faces for the past two weeks. This one I drew on mixed media paper then I decided to add a background. I glued scraps of beautiful handmade paper, book paper, watercolor twinkling H2O's scrap paper, and gelli print scraps around her, then I added tissue paper for the cheeks. I found this great embroidered paper that had specks of gold in it for her hair. On her neck I added book paper.

I then got out my acrylic paints and painted her in and around her. She's drying now but I'm sure she needs more. For now this is what she looks like.

What's on your easel? I'm linking with Sue Grilli today. If your interested in seeing more Artists check out her blog post.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Flyers Art Journal Swap (getting close to the end)

I am so excited because we are almost finished with our Journal Swap. We only have 2 more journals left and then we will have our own journals home and filled with amazing art from our fellow Flyer Artists. (we all took Kelly Rae Robert's class "Flying Lessons" together that's why were called flyers) There are several of us doing the swap. Here is the latest one I've been working on. It's Elizabeth's Journal. Cool cover isn't it?

I just put my hand to the paper and drew and this is what i came up with. It's a very creative process just go with the flow, let it all out. It's another form of meditation.


She likes dolphins.

Here is the whole page. I had a great time with this one. At the moment I can't do much because of the baby but one night I was able to slip this little bit of creativity in. It felt so good to let it out. 

It says,"When you feel it's lack of inspiration ride the waves of Art. Be Kind (to yourself) Be colorful and be free." 
Now to send it on to my Artist friend Sandy. 


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party! Reveal Day! Party!

I am only one in about 500 blogs participating in this Blog Party! 
Revealing my lovely beads sent off months ago...  to my partner Catie all wrapped up. I think she liked it!
It's funny because we sent off similar items to each other, he he, great minds think alike :)! 

I sent her a green group of beads.

 A purple group of beads.

A pink group of beads.

Some silver fun things.

A lovely group of pearls. Stir them all together and you've got a great bead soup! I neglected taking a picture of it but maybe Catie took one on her blog. Fingers crossed.

Here's what she sent me...

Everything was so neatly wrapped!

A lovely Metal Me This clasp and silver goodies!

Dragonflies which I also sent to her.

This is the Bead Soup! I love the color combo it's so delicious in the bowl. :)
I have not had much time to work on making anything spectacular yet with the baby and moving house. I did make a few little starters though...

Wire wrapped and awaiting the other beads.

You'll have to check back later for a finished necklace or bracelet at a later date. I am looking forward to making something beautiful with the large glass bead as a focal point!

Happy Bead Soup Blog Party! Make sure to visit my lovely partners blog next!
Catie and a big thank you to Lori who works her self silly getting this bead soup party off to a great start! Visit her here where you can see her beautiful creations and the list of 500 other participants.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party

Bead Soup

It's Bead Soup Swap time! This is my second year joining. I have disguised the Bead Soup collections as colorful outer space modules due to the fact that it is a surprise to my partner in waiting. 

Bead Soup

Let me tell you Lori Anderson, who is our gracious hostess with the mostess really knows how to pick swap partners! Big high five to Lori!! I love my partner Catie.

Bead Soup

I went a little overboard with my Bead Soups this year making 5 in all. I have so many beads that I wanted to use, I could not stop. So needless to say, she is getting a full pot! I hope she knows she does not have to use them all, just the ones that sing to her heart. You see Catie is a lampworker. I got together the beads I thought might inspire her and some extra beads. I can't wait to see what she makes!


Let me tell you about my lovely partner Catie- she loves Buddha, meditation, yoga and all the colors I love, like purple, green, light blue. She is a very wonderful, kind and giving woman! She spends her days as a nurse and a consultant for a Hospice Company. The most important job in the world is helping others pass away peacefully. She has even taken a class in End of Life Care Practitioner Training through the Metta Institute.( A Buddhist program) How cool!
Bead Soup

I hope Catie enjoys the Bead Soups I made especially for her. 

Bead Soup ready to ship out

This Bead Soup Pot will get to Catie all in one piece and quickly.

A big thanks goes out to Lori for everything she does to organize the Bead Soup Blog Party!